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We service all foreign and domestic cars and trucks. That’s right, all makes and models, specializing in domestics like Chevy, GM, Ford, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Plymouth. We also service European brands such as Volvo, BMW, and Mercedes to name a few. Our 40 years of automotive experience has equipped us with the knowledge and tools to handle your European car.

But let’s not forget the well-known brands Honda, Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan, and their higher-end counterparts Lexus, Acura, and Infinity. Our crew can handle all your service and repair needs for these makes, as well as Subaru and Mitsubishi.

Shuttle Service at Old Town Auto Service in Eureka, CA

Professional Auto Repair & Maintenance Services for Eureka Drivers

If you live in the Eureka area, Old Town Auto Service is here to take care of all your automotive needs, from the basics to the most complex repairs and everything in between, such as:

  • Diagnostics
  • Emission System Repairs
  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Batteries
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Heating Systems
  • Radiators
  • Water Pumps
  • Wheel Balance
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Suspension
  • Drive Axles
  • U-joints
  • Oil Changes / Lube Service
  • Tune-ups
  • Transmission Service
  • Radiator Service - Coolant / Antifreeze Change / Flush
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Wheel / Tire Alignment
  • Clutch Service & Repair
  • Timing Belts & Timing Chains
  • Brake Inspection, Service & Repair
  • Scan Check Engine Lights
  • Tires
  • Shocks & Struts
  • Two and 4-wheel Alignments
  • Performance Parts
Auto Repair and Maintenance in Eureka, CA

The Basics

At Old Town Auto Service, we’ll take care of all your car’s basic and routine needs, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid top-offs. We also send reminders when your vehicle is due for service, just like your dentist does for teeth cleanings and your vet does for Fido’s upcoming vaccinations.

Auto Shop Diagnostics at Old Town Auto Service, quality auto repair shop in Eureka CA

A/C Service

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend recharging your air conditioning service every two years to keep it performing optimally. At Old Town Auto Service, we offer complete A/C repair and recharge services, ensuring your air conditioning system has a long and trouble-free life. We can quickly inspect your air conditioning, repair or recharge it, and have you back on the road in no time.

Emergency Repairs at Old Town Auto Service, quality auto repair shop in Eureka CA

Emergency Repairs

With regular maintenance and service intervals at Old Town Auto Service, you will most likely avoid emergency repairs and breakdowns. However, in the event you find yourself in an emergency situation, we will do everything in our power to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Just give us a call, and we will do the rest. We can even offer towing recommendations or options if needed.

Brake Repair at Old Town Auto Service, quality auto repair shop in Eureka CA

Brake Repair

Brakes unavoidably wear out over time. How long they last is based on numerous factors, such as where you live and how you brake. For this reason, it is necessary to service your brakes regularly. We are familiar with the driving conditions here in Eureka and know that your brakes need care. So we provide a complimentary inspection with every service to make sure that any problem is addressed before it becomes a major concern.

We repair Electrical Issues at Old Town Auto Service, quality auto repair shop in Eureka CA

Electrical Issues

Automotive electrical systems are very complex and constantly evolving. Our technicians are qualified to diagnose and repair your vehicle's electrical system, including circuits, fuses, wires, sensors, relays, and connectors, as well as your starting and charging systems. Call us here at Old Town Auto Service if you're experiencing dim headlights, malfunctioning signal lights, power window issues, or any other electrical problems.

Engine Repairs at Old Town Auto Service, quality auto repair shop in Eureka CA

Engine Repairs

Complete engine service and repair can be anything from a replacement remanufactured engine to a leak repair to a new timing belt to manufacturer's mile interval services. Our technicians can appropriately handle any engine issue. If your engine is knocking, leaking, or losing power, bring your vehicle to Old Town Auto Service.

Heating & Air at Old Town Auto Service, quality auto repair shop in Eureka CA

Radiator Repair

A poorly performing radiator can lower your vehicle's fuel mileage or shorten its engine life. At Old Town Auto Service, we're experts at radiator repair and maintenance. We'll make sure your radiator is clean and in good working condition, and our radiator service is backed by years of experience.

Pre-Purchase Inspections at Old Town Auto Service, quality auto repair shop in Eureka CA

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Before you buy a used car—no matter where you're buying it from—have us look it over closely for you. Even if the car looks great, it may still have a serious, hidden problem lurking around the corner. In most cases, only a qualified mechanic is able to spot these issues—and save you from purchasing an unreliable vehicle.

Preventive Maintenance for your vehicle

Preventive Maintenance

The best way to avoid serious breakdowns and minimize the high costs associated with automotive repair is by doing routine maintenance. Preventive vehicle maintenance is simply what the manufacturer of your vehicle suggests getting done to keep your vehicle going. Whether you have a car, truck, or SUV, we provide the maintenance services to keep it running well.